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“We Suck At Training”
– By Clint Clarkson

Our Mission & Values

RESULTS… We deliver solutions, not products.

CREATIVITY… We design creative and impactful solutions.

QUALITY… We only develop high-quality solutions.


Clint Clarkson – Chief Alchemist


Over the last 20 years, I’ve never heard a business leader say: “What our business really needs is more eLearning.” At eLearning Alchemy, we know that your business doesn’t need eLearning. You need a solution to a business challenge or opportunity. We’ll partner with you and concoct a digital learning solution that changes behaviours and impacts your results.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animations have gained notoriety in recent years thanks to popular online videos like Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk, Changing Education Paradigms. This dynamic delivery method has tremendous potential for your eLearning courses because it:

Appeals to a wide breadth of learner demographics,

Utilizes “slow-reveal” style holds the learners’ attention, and

Uses imagery coupled with voice-over to aid understanding and increase retention.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is a powerful visual tool that takes otherwise wearisome content and brings it to life! Kinetic typography can be used for course or lesson introductions, team member testimonials, and even to introduce your learning objectives. Kinetic typography is valuable for your eLearning because it:

Utilizes pace, tone, and visuals to elicit learning emotions,

Uses movement to draw attention to points of emphasis, and

Engages learners with visual interest and continuous movement.

Services & Competencies

Our team will work for you to understand your client’s learning needs, and develop an audience-engaging learning program that is creative, effective and built to meet your budget and resource constraints.

  • Custom Curriculum and Digital Course Development

  • Creative Course Design for Engagement and Retention

  • Blended Learning Content For Online and In-person Learning

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Our Work & Success

Whiteboard videos have exploded in popularity. In this whiteboard explainer, we took on Higher Landing’s Career Transformation Process. It’s a fun and interesting way to explain an important concept. This video is used for internal and external marketing, as well as part of their “Knowing Your Brand” online workshop.