Clint Clarkson – Founder & Managing Partner

Over the last 20 years, I’ve never heard a business leader say: “What our business really needs is more eLearning.” At eLearning Alchemy, we know that your business doesn’t need eLearning. You need a solution to a business challenge or opportunity. We’ll partner with you and concoct a digital learning solution that changes behaviours and impacts your results.

Our Mission & Values

Create digital learning solutions that impact business results.


We deliver solutions, not products.


We develop functionally flawless and beautiful learning solutions.


We design creative and engaging solutions.


Five Fun Facts To Know About Alchemy.

Fact #1 - Aims of Alchemy
Alchemy had three primary goals:

1. Transmute base metals into gold or silver;

2. Discover the Elixir of Life; and

3. Discover a universal solvent to dissolve materials for other uses.

Fact #2 - A World-Wide Practice

Alchemy is a philosophical and protoscientific tradition practiced throughout Europe, Africa, Brazil and Asia.

Fact #3 - A Secretive Science

Alchemists were extremely secretive. The Voynich Manuscript, an illustrated codex written in the 15th century, has never been deciphered and is believed by many to be an ancient alchemist’s lab notes.

Fact #4 - Alchemy Processes

Alchemy began as a quest to understand the world around us and became the forerunner to modern chemistry. The four main processes of alchemy (dissolving, separating, reconstituting, and recombining) are still used today.

Fact #5 - Making Gold

While alchemists failed to turn a base metal into gold, it turns out their pursuit wasn’t entirely frivolous. In 1980, American scientist Glenn Seaborg changed a small amount of bismuth into gold with the help of a nuclear reactor. While it’s been proven possible, it’s extremely difficult and outrageously expensive to produce gold this way.